Guide to Uploading a Youtube Video

This is a step-by-step guide on creating/adding content to a WordPress site


  1. Go to the WordPress site (in this case, we will use
    1. Go to the log in (in this case, the log in page will be
    2. Type in your Username
    3. Type in your Password
    4. Click on the ‘Log In’ button
  2. The ‘Dashboard’ will be the first screen to appear
  3. On the left hand column of the website will be some menu options to pick from, starting from the ‘Dashboard’ which will be highlighted and near the top – this is the page you are currently on
  4. Look for the ‘Wikis’ section in the middle of the menu options on the left side of page and click on the ‘Wikis’ word
  5. You are now in the ‘Wikis’ section of the WordPress site – you should see ‘Wikis’ titled near the top (right below the black menu bar)
  6. Next to the ‘Wiki’s’ title will be a greyed out button titled ‘Add Wiki’
  7. Click on ‘Add Wiki’ greyed out button
  8. You will be taken to a new page titled ‘Add New Wiki’
  9. The cursor (the blinking vertical line) will be flashing in a blue highlighted box with the words ‘Enter title here’
  10. Type in desired title (e.g. ‘Seniors Staying Active’)
  11. Click on the Content section (the large white space below the Title section you just named
  12. Type in or paste content
    1. For the purpose of this guide, we will post a Youtube video
      1. Go to
      2. Search for desired video in the search bar next to the Youtube icon on the top of the page
        1. i.e. ‘411 Seniors Staying Active’
      3. Press return/enter
      4. Select desired video from list of search results
      5. If the video you selected is the one you want, select and highlight the web address of the webpage in the address bar of your browser
        1. i.e.
      6. Right click/copy the whole address (as the example above shows, it will start with https:// ..)
      7. Back to step 11 in this guide, paste the web address into the content section of the newly titled Wiki page
  13. Text may be added above or below the link if desired
  14. In the right side column/section of the ‘Add New Wiki’ page will be smaller white-box sections with the listings ‘Publish’, ‘Attributes’, etc.
    1. In the ‘Publish’ section/box will be 3 clickable boxes – ‘Save Draft’, ‘Preview’, and a bluish box ‘Publish’
      1. Click ‘Publish’ to make page viewable to the general public

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